Bioinformatics in Genomic and Proteomic Data
November 25 – 27 2009, Brno, Czech Republic
British Embassy
UK Science & Innovation Network
British Embassy
Czech Republic

Masaryk University
Czech Republic


Participant Registration Deadline

This is a reminder about the participant registration deadline for the Bioinformatics in Genomic and Proteomic Data conference 2009. All participants must pre-register on-line by November 20th to reserve their place on the participant list and on the associated events. We are looking forward to seeing you in Brno.

Biomedical research and especially modern high-density experiments exploring genome and proteome samples produce huge amounts of data. Interpretation of this data and biologically meaningful knowledge obtained from its analysis is a major challenge in modern bioinformatics, mathematics and statistics. It requires a development of robust and applicable analytical methods.
There is a wide range of both biological experiments, and methods for the analysis. Many algorithms for analysis of certain types of these data have not yet been standardized, and many new challenges are arising with the development of new techniques in molecular biology. 

The aim of the conference is the introduction in the state-of-the art methods in data analysis of proteomic and genomic data in these topics:

  1. Expression microarray data pre-processing and normalization
  2. Searching for differentially expressed genes
  3. Supervised and unsupervised analysis, building predictors
  4. Computational epigenetics
  5. Meta-analysis of microarray data
  6. Pathway analysis of microarray data / graphs, gene networks / geneontologies
  7. Mining information from genomic/proteomic/microarray databases
  8. R and Bioconductor in bioinformatics of genomic and protoemic data
  9. Analysis of MASS spectrometry protein data
  10. The state-of-the art in the sequence analysis
  11. Gene association studies

Speakers from Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Switzerland and United Kingdom will present the modern challenges of bioinformatics in analysis of genomics and proteomics data, its results, and potential applications.

The conference will be practical and educational, focused on current issues in Bioinformatics, and also on potential areas for establishing long-term international collaboration.

All participants should have at least basic knowledge in statistics and molecular biology and genetics.

The Conference is organised by the British Embassy in Prague in co-operation with the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses of the Masaryk University in Brno and there is no registration fee (on-line registration here).